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Horse work:

breaking, rehabilitation 

Horse work

With solid experience and foundations acquired from specialists in ethological horse education whose methods have proven themselves (Link Influences), Nathalie offers to help your horse develop healthily and respectfully.

If the horse does not have a lock, a traumatic history and has not experienced a failed break-in before, the work generally makes it possible to obtain the following progress:


–    Unblocking:

• The time for each unblocking is variable and depends on its lived

Does he have the basics of working on foot?

Has he had bad experiences in the past?

Is he fit enough and ready to carry a rider?

When I take a horse for breaking in I take into account its abilities, its past as well as the level and objectives of its future rider.

–    Foal education:

◦   get in the van

◦   prepare for transport ??

◦   accept the shower

◦   behave well with the marshal;ferrant

–    Rehabilitation on foot or mounted: to resolve problems such as:

◦   disrespectful horse

◦   horse that shoots fox

◦   horse that doesn't get caught in the meadow

◦   rearing horse

◦   horse that bites

 - Valuation: employment contract of the horse with a view to its sale (Breeding link)


–    Contact us to study your needs

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