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The team

Nathalie: the instructor

Pep and professionalism at the service of your biggest dreams!


            Nathalie Coulais started riding at 3 years old, she moved from pony to horse at 9 years old. At 17, she validated her Galop 7, bought her first horse and made her debut in official competitions.

            At 24, she became a riding instructor and began working in a club.


            For more than ten years that she has been practicing this profession, Nathalie has continued to train, improve and evolve with all the current advances both in the field of horse riding and in that of rider supervision. and personal development.


            Nathalie holds two levels of the FEDERAL ETHOLOGICAL HORSE RIDING PATENT – BFEE, two training courses followed voluntarily in two different and complementary approaches with Elisabeth de Corbigny and Andy Booth (see Influences)

In perpetual training, Nathalie follows training each year in pedagogy, locomotion and horse well-being...

In 2022, Nathalie specializes in equine mediation to help people on a physical, sensory or social level.


            For the well-being of the riders, Nathalie is also a Life Coach and has followed training in teaching children under 6 years old.


            Nathalie opened the Ecrin du Cédon in 2014, offering a wide variety of training courses, and still continuing to train with the greatest professionals, she lets her horses and riders benefit from all the recent progress!

                                           Some testimonies

Yvon: the guardian of the box

            Yvon Coulais is Nathalie’s father!

            A former genius researcher in the fight against cancer, he is now enjoying a very active retirement.

            Very attached to all the horses, he pays particular attention to each of the residents, feeding them and watching over them every day.

            Son of a farmer, Yvon is passionate about nature: his 100% organic vegetable garden is a delicious testimony to this!

            Thanks to Yvon's daily work, the Ecrin exists a little more every day...

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