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Horseback posture

Who will benefit?

Anyone! The horse posture is accessible to all people who want to feel better in their body! Just be ok with getting on the horse!

For the rider, the posture session will help improve his functioning and therefore your performance. Connection, balance symmetry and therefore the benefits will be passed on to the horse.


You have physical pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, lower back pain...

You have had accidents, fractures, sprains...

You have had one or more pregnancies and you don't feel like you did before.

How it works?

I listen to you and ask you questions about your background.

I observe you on foot, on horseback at a standstill and at a walk

I will share with you my analysis and suggest exercises that seem relevant to me.

Throughout the session, the horse massages you and allows your body to integrate the postural changes.

At the end of the session I offer you a well-being routine and give you advice so that the problems do not return.

What do we actually do?

Only breathing exercises and very gentle stretching.

Why on a horse?

The horse has a three-dimensional step, which will massage the rider and release tension, the rider's support on the horse allows asymmetries to appear and gradually refocus the rider.


I am trained in this method but I am not a doctor, osteopath or physiotherapist. You are the guide and you must listen to your body in the stretches so that it is gentle and comfortable.

What benefits?

You will learn to know your body better to stretch correctly, you will change postural habits that cause tension and pain.

Organize an internship

You like the method, you would like to organize an internship in your stable or at home

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