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Equine Mediation


This form of riding can be practiced by people experiencing motor/psychological/sensory/... difficulties. It aims to promote self-confidence, management of emotions, development of balance, muscle tone. , Communication, ...

Adapted horse riding means making horse riding accessible to everyone!

What is adaptive riding?

Adapted horse riding is aimed at all people wishing to experience a bond with a horse despite their disability. It helps people with disabilities (psychological, motor or sensory) to develop balance, muscle tone, autonomy, communication, fine motor skills, empathy, self-esteem, ...


LThe horse has multiple qualities:

It is a real receiver of our emotions. It is simple, gentle and warm, socially rewarding, non-judgmental, able to accept projections, dialogue and communication. The animal plays a protective and motivating role for the person Contacts with the horse and nature are invigorating, the encounter with the horse is often synonymous with fulfillment and the acquisition of autonomy.

How does the horse help you?

Session progress and welcome Nathalie welcomes you in a kind manner in a green, peaceful setting, with its view of the Pyrenees and the Gers hills, If the mediation is done only with horses, The structure accommodates Multiple species (cows, dogs, ...). These activities (individual or collective) are adapted and offered according to the request of the person being cared for, and according to the objectives motivating the sessions. These can take place: on foot, uphill, in freedom, etc.

The main objectives are the well-being and pleasure of the beneficiaries.


We offer different types of sessions


A sequence of gentle stretching and postural and breathing exercises aimed at relieving physical pain (low back pain, hernias, scoliosis, etc.). It helps remobilize weakened muscular structures;

These sessions also allow you to improve your riding positions.


Through cooperation games between participants, active observation of the herd and transposition to human life,... These sessions aim to improve relationships, better manage conflicts, help people who have suffered the bullying, develop self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership.

These sessions take place in a small group or individually, the course of the session depending on the objectives of each person.

Communication, cooperation, deadlines, trust, motivation... these are all the skills necessary for a business that these sessions with the horse  will allow you to develop.


The horse, mirror of our emotions, invites you to meet yourself and who you could be... relaxation, breathing, work on emotions, in order to know yourself better and achieve your set goals

A session full of emotion, of letting go where you can let your emotions guide you.


Daring already means acting for yourself!

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